Wednesday Weigh In

Happy hump day! :)

Hope you are all having a fabulous day!  My day has been really lovely – I worked this morning, caught up with an old friend at lunch, and did a little bit of shopping after that.  The sun is finally out, feels like it’s been ages since I last saw it peek out behind the clouds!

I also stepped on the scale today and was thrilled to see a three pound drop in my weight since last week.  I’m finding that I’m struggling a bit with motivation, but hey – I’ll take a three pound loss!  I’ve decided to make a weigh-in tab up top to track my weight each week, I am embarrassed to share my weight but I plan on never seeing those numbers again.

I had hoped to make it to the gym tonight but unfortunately I’m going to be spending the night cramming for two exams tomorrow :(  I’m pretty much the worst student ever haha.

Have a wonderful night everyone <3

focus on the positives!

Okay, so, I promised to be honest on here, and it’s a bit embarassing to post what I ate today.  But I’m the only one who suffers if I lie, so here’s the truth.

What I ate today:
– Breakfast was an egg sandwich, made with two slices of bread, mayo, cheese, and a fried egg.  Had a medium tea with two milk and two sugar from Tim Hortons.
– I ate a wrap made with lots of veggies and chicken at lunch.
– Had a bunch of studying to do, and ended up eating a bag of M&M peanuts and a bag of fuzzy peaches, as well as a serving of pringles from the school cafeteria.  I can’t seem to  eat well when studying, especially if I’m not prepared.  I suppose if I had some veggies ready I could have eaten those :(
– I had a green tea latte and a glass of beer mid afternoon.  The beer was not planned – my friend and I were recruited to be in a promotional video for a bar and they gave us beer as payment.  One does not refuse free beer!
– Supper was a large bowl of broccoli salad.

I was feeling kinda bummed about eating all the candy and drinking the beer this afternoon, but I decided I shouldn’t let it get to me, so instead I’m going to focus on three things I did right today:
1) I made it to the gym and had a kick-ass workout! Love going with friends :)
2) I didn’t overeat tonight after the gym, just had some water and my salad.
3) I could have eaten more today, and I didn’t.  Doing better!

What did you do right today?